Dame Varia Goffe

August 25th, A.S. LIV (2019)
by TRM Floki and Gwenevere

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Baronial Court
Court Herald HE Mistress Antonia
Head Lady HE Mistress Gilliana
Captain of the Guard Sir Gabe
Archery Champion m'Lord Knut
Arts & Sciences Champion HG Morgan d'Antioche
Bard of Arn Hold HL Ursula de Strattone
Rapier Champion (Musketeer) Lord Ambrose
Baroness' Champion HL Merin du Bourbon
Thrown Weapons Champion Lord Kaspar
Baronial Warlord HL Erin di Paladin
The Lineage of Arn Hold
Founding Baron & Baroness
Einendoch of Hostel Haus
Andrea de Chiens
Second Baron & Baroness
Bruce MacQuhirrie
Lore von Vechta
Third Baron
Armand des Mortes
Fourth Baron & Baroness
Konrad von Krixen
Kortland Stirling Mayfaire
First Vicar
Armand des Mortes
Fifth Baron & Baroness
Alric of Ashfield
Catherine Owain of Porth Ceri
Sixth Baron & Baroness
Tor von Butterburg
Rachel Ravenlock
Seventh Baron & Baroness
K. Braden von Sobernheim
Gilliana Attewatyr
Eighth Baron & Baroness
Henri Olivier de Longchamp
Katherine von Oppel
Second Vicar and Vicaress
Etienne DuPre
Morgan du Marc
Ninth Baron & Baroness
Fernando del Santiago
Syeira Caminante
Tenth Baron & Baroness
Balenor Blackmere
Teghan Mac Liam
Eleventh Baron & Baroness
Gomez de Santander
Merin du Bourbon
Twelfth Baron & Baroness
Thirteenth Baron & Baroness

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