Great Famine    Sat November 4th
Great Famine!

Saturday November 4th

Location: Hope Lutheran Church 331 N. Linder Rd. Eagle Idaho 83616

Site Opens: 10 am

Site closes: 7pm

Setup: 8am

Site opens: 10am

Member fee: $14

Non member fee: $19

Potluck Fee: $6

The Barony of Arn Hold is under siege! Our food stores are dwindling!! We're running out of peasants to eat!!!

So what to do? The only thing we can: Party like it's 1315!

Come join us for a day of all things food and macabre. Because what goes better together?

There will be unique heavy and rapier fighting scenarios involving a giant 'roast turkey', where a giant homemade pot pie is the prize so you can save your household from starvation!

An A |& S competition where Death is the theme!

A siege cooking competition and potluck and a dessert silent auction.

A hard cider tasting and competition because we have plenty of that, but no food!

Help us hunt for food with some thrown weapons!

A bardic competition where being hungry is the theme for the songs and music, extra points if your musical instruments involve period cooking utensils.

Court! Where we will decide who to eat...err recognize for hard work! 😉

This is a mostly dry site (aside from inside the cider barn) and no pets allowed. Seriously, don't bring your pets. We're hungry and we will eat them. See you there!

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