1347-It Begins    Sat November 2nd
We have explored the years of 1348 and 1349, but let's take it back to where the plague began. Mark your calendars for "1347 - It Begins!" This prequel event is the FINAL in our plague series and will take place in Venice as the Great Death lands in Europe!! Expect a day filled with death, learning, death, activities galore, death, Baroness's Champion, lunch, miracles, shenanigans for all ages... and more death! This is your LAST CHANCE to experience a day this full of death in the Barony of Arn Hold.

Site: Site is Galileo STEM Academy, at 4735 W Saguaro Dr., Eagle, ID 83616. Site opens at 8am and we must be offsite by 9. This public school is DRY and is a no tobacco zone. It is ADA compliant, but no pets allowed (service animals excepted).

Registration: Adult Event Registration is $15; Adult Member Discount Event Registration is $10. Minors are at no cost. Make checks payable to "SCA Inc., Barony of Arn Hold".

Fundraiser: The fundraiser is for pewter spoons and forks (used in Italy, even when the rest of Europe were sticks in the mud!) Get a fork or a spoon for $6 or a set for $10!

Directions: To get to Galileo from I-84, take Exit 46 and travel north on ID 55/Eagle Rd for 6.4 miles to ID 44/State St. Turn left (west) on State St. and travel 3.1 miles to Linder Rd. Turn right (north) on Linder Rd. and go 0.5 miles to Saguaro Dr. The school will be on your right.

Event Stewards:
HE Giliana Attewatyr (Shelly Wolf), amefinch@gmail.com, 208-890-5779
HE Teaghan MacLiam (Carrie Stuart), carriestuart50@yahoo.com, 208-867-3639


Baroness's Championship Competition - Her Very Excellent Varia Goffe
  • Want to be the next Champion for our fine Baroness? Participate in three challenges so that she may see your worthiness!
  • Subtlety Competition
  • Other Shenanigans announced on site
  • Clothing for Sam the Moose
    Sam sends greetings and is excited to get some new clothes.
    • Neck to wrist 4"
    • Front of neck to floor 13"
    • Neck to end of bum 6 1/2
    • Around belly 18"
    • Top of leg to top of foot 7"

  • Death
  • Subtlety Competition

      Categories are:

      • Death/sickness/plague
      • Saint Antonia (Elisabeth Emerson Sonersen)
      • General
      • Childrens' Entries (15 and under)

    • All categories count toward Baroness's Champion Competition
    • The medium must be FOOD, but the entry does NOT need to be particularly EDIBLE. (Taste will not be any component of judging.)
    • If your piece *can* be eaten, make sure and label as such and include ALL ingredients. If a piece is unlabeled with ingredients, it will be assumed to be decorative only.
    • Items made on-site from marzipan may be entered
    • For judging, weight will be given on primarily appearance and secondarily that methods and materials were available in the middle ages. (Again, taste is not judged!)
    • As this is not a true A&S competition, documentation is not required, but is always welcome!
    • More information on Subtleties:
    • http://www.eithni.com/asencyclopedia/subtleties.pdf
    • https://www.pinterest.com/moniquerpd/medieval-feast-subtleties/

  • Death
  • Marzipan Modeling - HE Praxilla
    Didn't bring a subtlety? It's not too late!! This is a drop-in activity to mold your own no-bake marzipan. Display for the competition if you like, then enjoy it as a tasty treat!
  • Death
  • Rat Scavenger Hunt - Sir Kelwin the Ratslayer
    There sure do seem to be a lot of rats about. It's probably nothing, but let's deal with them! Find the rats and bring them to the fearsom Sir Kelwin for her to do her thing! Prize for most rats found!
  • Italian Lunch - Provided by Arn Hold Cooks Guild
  • Plague Rat Toss - Lady Cristina de Lagonissa
    That time-honored classic. Like hot-potato but you die! Awards for great deaths!!
  • Death
  • Dancing - Lady Ursula de Strattone
    Since nothing else has worked against the plague, might as well have a party! Learn and dance some fun dances. Your chances of dying probably won't increase! :)
  • Classes

    • Want to Protect Yourself From the Plague? (then you're probably out of luck!) - Lord Wojcek Sobieski
      Learn more about the plague.. Specifically all of the ways that the people tried to protect, prevent and cure it. (Spoiler: with very poor results!)

    • Drop-In Make and Take Cold-Forged Fish Hook by HE Malkin
      The Almighty must have been a fisherman, that's why he loves them so well!! Learn to cold-forge fish hooks, braid line and make fishing weights! This class is a make-it-take-it. Bring your enthusiasm and leave with a period fishing kit!

    • Aromas & Miasmas Class - Senora Beatriz de Saabedra AND Lady Ursula de Strattone
      Protect yourself from the rank odors and foul miasmas that cause disease! Learn how to infuse vinegars, stuff possets, and create pomanders to battle the plague with pleasant scents!

    • Stick a Pin In It: Medieval Burials (and Zombie Prevention) - Mistress Sarah von Feuerbach

  • Marshaled Activities

    • Heavy Tournament: Exquisite Corpse - HE Merin du Bourbon
      With the plague upon us, body collectors are offered a premium to clean the streets of the rancid dead. Many an entrepreneur has heard the call, and the payments are climbing; so where can one find a body? The tournament will be won by the collector of the most the bodies. For a body, you need to take a head, a torso, two arms and two legs (lefts and rights don’t really matter, just as long as there are two.) This means, even if you win a lot of fights, you might not win the pay-off, heads alone do not a body make (not even a big pile of 'em). But you gotta hurry, bodies have to be collected and delivered before sundown. The quicker you "find" your bodies, the more likely you'll win the purse!
    • Archery Shoot - Death in Venice - Lord Pieter van Zwolle

    Schedule   PDF

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