The Universitatis Arn Hold was created in 1996 in the common reckoning, to promote the Society's mission as a non-profit educational organization.

The Universitatis Arn Hold is divided into seven colleges and two degrees, as noted to the right.

To complete a degree requires two class credits in each of the colleges under that degree. Diplomas are awarded for each degree.

Graduates holding both degrees are entitled to create a belt favor or similar decoration bearing the emblem of the Universitatis.

The emblem of the Universitatis is a blasted tree (roots showing), fructed and leaved as follows:

On one side, three fruits: white, green, and black.
On the other side, four fruits: blue, red, purple, and yellow.

These fruits represent, respectively, the colleges listed above. (And you can put them in a different order if it looks better to you.)

For every two classes completed beyond the basic requirement in a college, the favor may bear a gold or silver leaf on that branch. Teachers in a given college are entitled to tie a band of that college's color around the trunk. Teachers receive double credits for each class taught.

 A Kingdom-level University has also been created in Artemisia. Classes are held at every official event in the Barony. All classes held in the Barony are eligible for UAH credit and also for Kingdom credit; classes held elsewhere are only eligible for Kingdom collegiate credit. You must sign in at the classes you attend to receive credit.

Objects created under the various Guilds and displayed at events may be eligible for class credit; please call them to the attention of the Chancellor, and give them your SCA and mundane names so that they can be properly credited. Guild workshops may take attendance and submit it for class credit also.

We love our teachers! If you know anything you would like to share, please volunteer your class to the event steward for the event at which you would like to teach. (If they have enough classes already, try another event). Classes should be one hour long, but not more than two hours, and include a printed handout for students to take home. Hands-on projects are greatly encouraged. If your subject will not fit such a time requirement or is too messy or risky to do at a rented event site, please consider teaching a Guild workshop.

Degree of the Trivium
     ~ Textile Arts
     ~ Alchemy
     ~ History & Culture

Degree of the Quadrivium
     ~ Performing Arts
     ~ War
     ~ Visual Arts
     ~ Wood/Metal/Ceramics

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