As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the SCA is focused on education; not only learning, but teaching and doing. We are a Medieval Studies class come to life!

Equal parts instructive and entertaining, the SCA is hands-on and immersive. We don�t just tell you how it was done, we show it to you - and (in most cases) let you try it for yourself.

SCA members regularly "live the life�, stepping away from modern life and conveniences and into the past to see what it was like and how it was done.

The Barony of Arn Hold is available to conduct demos for local schools and other groups in order to assist in engaging students in their lessons of the Middle Ages. We are available most days when asked in advance. The demos are free to the school or group; however, tax-deductible donations to our non-profit organization are always welcome.

Along with talks about daily life, we have the ability to provide both armored and rapier combat demonstrations, as well as show clothing and other arts that were used in the time period.

To get started with coordinating a demo for your school or group, or for more information, contact the Publicity & Demos Officer. Please bear in mind that our members provide this service on a volunteer basis, taking time away from their regular employment; therefore, we request at least 3 weeks advance notice so that we can give our members time to prepare. When requesting a demo, please answer all of the questions below in your email:

  1. What school or group is the demo for?
  2. What is the prospective date/time for the demo?
  3. What is the setting for the demo: will it be in a class room or gym, during the lunch hour, etc.
If your school or organization would like to schedule an educational visit from the Artisans, Musicians, and Fighters of Arn Hold, please contact :

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